Computer Repairs Huddersfield offers a Laptop Charging Socket Replacement service for most Laptops.broken_jack

It can be frustrating when the charging socket on your laptop becomes loose and stops your charger from charging the battery – it doesn’t however mean that you need to replace the Laptop.

We have extensive experience of repairing laptop charging sockets, and can even source the replacement socket for you.

Some of the laptop charging sockets (also known as laptop DC Jacks) we can replace include:

  • Sony Charging Sockets
  • Acer Charging Sockets
  • Asus Charging Sockets
  • Dell Charging Sockets
  • Compaq Charging Sockets
  • HP Charging Sockets
  • Lenovo Charging Sockets
  • Toshiba Charging Sockets
  • Medion Charging Sockets
  • Advent Charging Sockets
  • Alienware Charging Sockets
  • Apple Charging Sockets
  • Averatec Charging Sockets
  • Clevo Charging Sockets
  • Emachines Charging Sockets
  • Fujitsu Siemens Charging Sockets
  • Gateway Charging Sockets
  • IBM Charging Sockets
  • Packard Bell Charging Sockets
  • Samsung Charging Sockets

If you’re laptop isn’t listed above, please call us on 0800 4 969 969 and one of our Engineers will be able to advise whether we are able to source the replacement charging socket for your laptop. If the socket can be sourced, Computer Repairs Huddersfield are more than likely able to replace it for you.

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All types of Computer & Laptop Problems FIXED!

Computer Repairs Huddersfield are experienced in diagnosing and fixing all types of hardware and software issues, including Windows 10 installations.

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